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The FBI’s 3D Printer


The US FBI has acquired an Objet24 commercial 3D printer. What would they be doing with it? 

Evidently, according to a report on Ars Technica, they want to “support the advanced technical exploitation of evolving and existing high technology explosive devices.”

Yep, making bombs and guns. 

We suspect they want to know their enemy by performing the same tasks. However, we’re suspicious that a terrorist may own a USD$19,000 3D printer, with significant costs for resin material to operate it. 

Nevertheless, the FBI has likely made a good choice of printer. As you might expect, the FBI would have high technical and security standards to meet for any equipment acquisition. Technically, the Objet24 can produce strong parts at a very high resolution as low as 28 microns (0.028mm). This means they can print devices with moving parts and very neatly fitting components. We’re not certain, but the printer could be ideal for printing guns. 

Via Ars Technica

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