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be3D Expands into the USA

Czech-based be3Dprinters has established a US office for major push into the American market. 

be3Dprinters is one of the numerous regional European 3D printer companies we’ve seen - but that’s the issue: they’re regional. We’ve seen 3D printers from Britain, Finland, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia and other Euro-nations. Few seem to have the ability reach beyond their natural home. 

Apparently that isn’t the case with be3Dprinters, who have set up shop in Silicon Valley, California with staff, “who are responsible for the development, production and sale.”

They’ll be selling the two 3D printer models from be3D: 

  • DeeGreen, a USD$2,025 competent prosumer PLA machine with a 150 x 150 x 150mm enclosed print volume and automated bed leveler. (Image above)
  • DeeRed, a USD$25,000 commercial dual-extruder unit with a gigantic 400 x 400 x 800 mm heated build volume, ABS-capability and friendly touch screen 

Having two capable 3D printers able to address two entirely different markets is a good thing. The concern we’d have is the heated chamber on the DeeRed, which could be interpreted by Stratasys as infringing their patent. Stratasys has previously launched lawsuits against companies they feel were infringing. be3Dprinters must proceed carefully here. 

Via be3Dprinters

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