3DiTALY Becomes the Largest 3D Printer Store Network?

We’ve learned of a new chain of consumer-focused 3D printer stores: 3DiTaly. 

3DiTaly has now opened no less than FIVE different retail locations, which, as they like to point out, is more outlets than either iMakr or MakerBot, the two most well-known 3D printer retail outlet chains. Like iMakr, 3DiTaly is not associated with a specific manufacturer and provides general equipment and supplies. 

Where are the five outlets? They can be found across Italy, obviously, in Rome, Milan, Turin and Pescara. But they also have one outlet in Croatia, in Dubrovnik. It seems that 3DiTaly aspires to operate internationally, regardless of their name. 

The stores carry 3D printers, of course, as well as filament and supplies for them. You can also rent a 3D printer, obtain training or even have an object printed for you. The services appear to be very similar to iMakr’s concept. 

One major difference we observe is the selection of 3D printers. It seems to be quite different from iMakr’s list, as it currently includes the WASP machines, Sharebot and Kentstrapper. Not surprisingly, all of these brands are Italian. There doesn’t appear to be any other brands. If 3DiTaly really wishes to spread internationally, we’d recommend they add a few more brands. That shouldn’t be difficult, as most 3D printer manufacturers seek new distributors and it’s not that hard for a retailer to add more product. 

If you’re in Italy, 3DiTaly is the place to check out 3D printers. 

Via 3DiTaly

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