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XYZPrinting Developing a Resin 3D Printer?

XYZPrinting SLA printer.jpg

We’ve found some evidence that low-cost 3D printing entrant XYZ Printing is developing a SLA-style resin 3D printer. 

Images posted publicly on imgur from the recent Computex trade show in Taiwan show what appears to be a resin 3D printer with an XYZ Printing logo on it. Clearly this is a pre-release machine as the company has not launched any such product in the west - yet. 

We don’t have any details yet, but we’re expecting several things from this new printer: 

  • Low cost. XYZ Printing made their name earlier this year by releasing a USD$500 personal 3D printer, busting the price barrier for a fully assembled machine. 
  • High Quality. All recently launched resin machines offer quality superior to, or sometimes vastly exceeding, filament machine performance. The XYZ Printing machine should be no exception.
  • Proprietary Materials. Like its filament machines, we expect XYZ Printing to follow their established practice by permitting only their own resins. 

We await more details.

Via imgur

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