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FormURLife’s 3D Printed Hard Drives

FormURLife Drives.jpeg

FormURLife has come up with a new way to use 3D printers: printing custom hard drives. 

No, they’re not literally 3D printing the drive itself; instead, they’re 3D printing custom designs to use as the case for the drive. 

Like several other generative consumer apps, FormURLife has organized the design process into simple selections. It may sound restrictive, but after selecting case shape, pattern, colors and text adornment, there are dozens of possible outcomes. It’s very simple to use and FormURLife will manually inspect designs to ensure they’ll print properly. 


What we find most interesting about this service is that it produces a print that you’ll actually use. It’s something that will sit on your desk and be observed daily, unlike a unique piece of 3D printed jewelry that might be worn occasionally. 

The purchase will get you not only the case, but the hard drive inside. They’ll provide a 1TB USB3.0 Seagate drive with case for USD$140. 

Say goodbye to those bland beige, black or white case and twiddle the switches to preview some great designs. One of them will be yours. 

Via FormURLife

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