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The CobbleBot 3D Printer

Last week the CobbleBot personal 3D printer launched on Kickstarter. It’s big. 

We’ve seen several very large format personal 3D printers lately, but they frequently come with a proportionally large cost. The CobbleBot attempts to change the equation by offering a machine with a large build volume but with a very low price. 

How big is the build volume? It’s an extremely generous 381 x 381 x 381 mm, big enough for some massive prints. To put this in perspective, this is larger than quid a few Delta robot 3D printers, noted for their ability to print tall objects. With the CobbleBot, you can also print wide objects, too. If you’re willing to wait, as the print times will be long at that size. 

Aside from the massive build volume, the CobbleBot offers excellent resolution, up to 0.050 mm, although large objects printed at the finest resolution will take the longest time to complete. The extruder is capable of printing high-temperature materials, such as Nylon and ABS plastics, but initially the unit will not include a heated print bed, which will make printing those materials problematic. The project says they’ll add a heated bed as a stretch goal - if they raise sufficient funds. 

Will the project be successful? As of this writing they’ve already far surpassed their goal of USD$100,000, so they’ll proceed. Now we’ll have to see if the machine works as well as stated. 

Via Kickstarter

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