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A 3D Printed Jet Engine That Kinda Works

Can you build a working jet engine using a 3D printer? Not really, but this looks a lot like a real engine. 

It’s actually a model of a hypothetical thrust-reversable jetliner engine, with some components built from 3D printed parts from a Stratasys 1200sst. Other parts were molded using 3D prints and the innards were CNC milled from aluminum. 

The model, as you’ll see in the video, includes moving parts to engage the reverse thruster. 

But the part we like best is that sound effects have been added to the video, making it seem much more real. We’re now wondering if sound should be a feature that can be added to other 3D prints for added realism? How about a design for a 3D printed sound module that can be hidden inside larger 3D prints? 

Via YouTube

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