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The CraftBot 3D Printer

We’re checking out another crowdfunding campaign for a personal 3D printer, the CraftBot. 

As we read through CraftBot’s material and machine description, we became disappointed as the features seemed pretty standard, although there is clearly an emphasis on quality components. It prints at 100 micron resolution, color touchscreen, includes a large build volume of  250 x 200 x 200mm and more. But there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly special about the CraftBot, aside from a powerful custom-made slicing system to prepare 3D models for printing and a removable heated build platform. 

Until we saw the price. This unit is currently on sale for under USD$500 from their launch campaign. We’re not certain whether this price will persist after their launch, but it is an inexpensive machine for one that includes these features, all assembled and ready to go. We don’t believe there’s a comparable machine available at the same price, unless you build it yourself. 

But here’s the really interesting thing. A comparably priced unit, the XYZ Printing Da Vinci, is also priced at USD$499. But that machine uses proprietary plastic filament cartridges as its material that cost more than generic plastic. While XYZ Printing will generate revenue from plastic sales, CraftBot will not - and that’s money in your pocket. 

CraftBot says their machine “Combines quality and affordability”. It certainly seems so. 

Via Indiegogo

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