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Design of the Week: Big Mouth Amp

big mouth amp.jpg

This week’s selection is the very cool Big Mouth Amp. 

It’s not really an “amplifier” in the electronic sense, but it does actually boost the audio from your smartphone. You simply stick the phone into the slot at the back and ensure its speaker is positioned over the hole. The audio waves travel into the “mouth” and its shape gradually grows the sound waves until they emerge and hit you in the ear. It’s a cheap way to get louder sound. 

And we like the design so much that we chose it as Design of the Week. Favorite feature: having sound come from a 3D printed mouth; it's very strange. 

We’re not precisely certain who designed this item, but it is available for free download from MyMiniFactory, where you can also purchase a print of it for USD$18. 

Via MyMiniFactory

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