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OpenReflex Revisited

openreflex 2.png

Remember the guy who 3D printed a real, live, working optical camera? He’s doing it again, only this time it’s a lot more advanced. 

Léo Marius is “the guy” behind the OpenReflex project. This time he’s launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to dramatically enhance the camera design, with a goal of providing everyone with free access to the files so that you can 3D print your own advanced camera. He says: 

The main goal is to make the camera easier to build and use, but too, I hope, to gather a community around this OpenSource project and permit it to continue to evolve after the campaign. A particular attention will be gave to the documentation to facilitate the diffusion and the reappropriation and everything, of course will stay OpenSource.

  • The specific improvements include: 
  • Real compatibility with 35mm film
  • Easy-to-use, spring-activated shutter with synchronized mirror
  • New case design
  • Guide for re-using existing lenses with the OpenReflex
  • Clearer documentation

The project may also attempt electronic integration if fundraising goes well. 

You can participate by donating to the project; it offers a wide variety of options that can fit everyone’s needs. If the project is successful, everyone will be able to make their own working camera. 

Via KissKissBankBank

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