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PrintaBit: The Artist’s 3D Print Service

printabit sample.jpeg

The world of 3D printing continues to expand and specialize: Now there’s a 3D print service dedicated to artistic works: PrintaBit. 

Yes, there are tons of 3D print services, including the popular Sculpteo and Shapeways, but while they may be the largest, you could also describe them as “general purpose”, serving everyone more or less equally. 

Meanwhile, artists frequently have very specific needs. In particular, artists’ works usually require high-quality finishing, be it polishing, electroplating, sanding or other processes. Sometimes these are not offered by traditional 3D print services. But for PrintaBit, it’s their prime focus. 

printabit operator.jpeg

The service operates slightly differently than “consumer” 3D print services, in which the process is entirely interactive and online. Due to the frequently peculiar nature of finishing complex prints, PrintaBit requires a submission process, where you specify the types of finishing required and they’ll provide a quotation for the work. 

printabit production.jpeg

Currently they offer printing in a wide variety of materials and can provide polishing, painting and chrome, gold and copper plating services. One catch: they currently ship only in Europe, as they are based in Geneva. We’re hoping they’re able to expand the service to the rest of the world, either by widening their shipping area or establishing local services elsewhere. 

For artists entering the 3D print field and lack extensive knowledge of 3D printing practices, PrintaBit could be a lifesaver. 

Via PrintaBit

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