Silo 3D Modeler now Available for Linux

The Silo 3D modeling software system now adds Linux as one of its supported platforms, joining OS/X and Windows.

Silo 3D is a decent 3D modeling system that’s available at relatively low cost and provides an easier learning curve than some similar packages. 

It’s prime focus is organic shapes, although it is also capable of “box modeling”, which one might use to design mechanical parts. However, it does not include many features for such work. 

The product does have some very nice features, notably easy subdivision, which can smooth out your model. It also handles color reasonably well, unlike many 3D modeling tools used by hobbyists. You can, for example, paint an object and then modify the mesh without losing the colors and textures. 

We’d position Silo 3D as a kind of “junior ZBrush”, where you may find artists working on 3D characters and figurines. It is quite a bit easier to learn than the very peculiar ZBrush, which, if you haven’t ever used it, puts its menus in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. (We’re not kidding!)

That said, we must provide a caution about acquiring Silo. In our testing we did encounter several pretty serious bugs that would definitely cause troubles. If you’re interested in trying it out, they offer a free 30-day trial with full features enabled. After that you can purchase it for, well, we’re not exactly certain of the price. Their website page suggests USD$159 for a Mac/PC dual license, but their press release says USD$109 for a Mac/PC/Linux license. And if you’re on OS/X, it’s also available in the App Store for USD$80. 

Via NeverCenter

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