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The Almond 3D Printer

almond perspective.jpg

Korea-based OpenCreators has released the Almond 3D printer.

We’re looking at the specs for the new Almond 3D printer from OpenCreators, which includes some interesting features. The most notable is an auto-leveling feature, which can be seen in operation in this video: 

Apparently it works within ten seconds, according to their website. This is a significant advantage, as it not only saves you time but also helps ensure prints are successful and of good quality. Evidently they’ve applied for a patent on their technique. 

Another interesting feature is the ability to quick-swap extruder nozzles. Should one become clogged, you can put an alternate in while you clean out the original. This means your machine can operate more consistently throughout the day.

We’re not sure why this hasn’t been invented before, but the Almond has a 360 degree fan cooling mechanism around the extruder. Normally 3D printers simply blow air at the extruder, meaning the cooling is really from one side only. The Almond has a patent application for their unusual cooling apparatus, which seems to wrap around the extruder. 

The machine has a heated print bed - but also a detachable print surface, making extraction of prints very much easier. 

Software for the machine is Cura, which is typically used for Ultimakers, but apparently can be used with the Almond. Perhaps OpenCreators have made use of some of the Ultimaker designs? 

While most modern personal 3D printers have elaborate plastic and metal cases these days, the Almond has a wooden case. But it’s a really nice wooden case, set upon a wire framework. The front door is actually wood with a circular port for viewing. Quaint, beautiful and apparently functional. It’s also inexpensive to manufacture. 

Buying one of these machines could be tricky; the company is based in Korea and does not seem to have sales from its site. However, they direct you to resellers that appear to be selling the unit for around USD$2,000. 

Via OpenCreators (in Korean)

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