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The Miracle of 3D Printing: Holding Your Thoughts

We’re watching a video showing the effect 3D printing can have on schoolchildren.

Jody Callahan is the Applied Sciences chair and Director of the 3D Print Farm at the College of the Ouachitas in Malvern, Arkansas. As you can see above, he’s got a lot of 3D printers at his fingertips. 

His wife happens to be a teacher, who’s been working with children to design 3D objects. In the video he relates how one student’s model was 3D printed by Callahan at his Print Farm and then shown to the student. Callahan quickly transported the print to the school and met with the young man:

He looked up at me with the biggest puppy dog eyes you could ever see and I knelt down and gave him his print. He coddled it like a puppy and said to me I can't believe I'm holding my thought. 

At this point I nearly burst into tears myself. I think at that moment my wife and I both really knew the power of bringing 3D printing into the classroom. 

Very nice, indeed. 

Via YouTube (Hat tip to Lucas)

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