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Materialise Goes Public

materialise goes public.jpg

There are few publicly traded 3D printing companies, but now there’s another: Materialise. 

Materialise is a long-running Belgian 3D print services company providing services worldwide. One of their subsidiaries, i.Materialise, is a 3D print service focusing on consumers. 

For many years the only options for buying 3D printing stock were either 3D Systems or Stratasys. While those stocks are still readily available, they’ve been recently joined by ExOne, Arcam AB and a scant few others. Materialise now joins the group.

Materialise could be a good option for investment, not only because of the recent interest in 3D printing, but also because they’re a well-run, established player in the market, who’s positioned for expansion in both industrial and consumer spaces. 

One thing we’re wondering about: their public offering could raise substantial funds. What will they do with them? Could they be positioning to make big investments in the consumers space to challenge Shapeways? 

Via Materialise

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