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Vote for Your Favs at the 3D Printshow Global Awards

In only a couple of weeks the winners will be awarded at the 3D Printshow Global Awards. Here’s how you can participate. 

The 3D Printshow Global Awards are becoming the “Academy Awards” of the 3D Printing world, but unlike the movie industry, where winners are selected by insiders voting in dark rooms, you can vote for those you think deserve an award - even if you're not attending. 

This year there are multiple categories being awarded and we’re very certain you have strong opinions on some of these:

  • Best consumer printer
  • Best prosumer printer
  • Brand of the year
  • Best professional software
  • Best online / app-based service
  • Best consumer product
  • Best consumer software
  • Inspirational individual
  • Green award
  • Positive change
  • Rising star
  • Educational Excellence
  • Fashion Designer of the Year
  • Artist of the Year

And not the least, the Best Business Newcomer award, which Fabbaloo is sponsoring. There are three entries in this category and we’d like to tell you something about them:

  • Big Rep: Manufactures a truly gigantic 3D printer that can operate for days to produce furniture-sized prints.
  • Fuel-3D: Has developed a low-cost, revolutionary 3D scanning device that easily captures high resolution color scans of any object.
  • M3D: Markets the Micro, an extremely low-cost personal 3D printer accessible to anyone. 

Who should win? We don’t know. 

You know. Vote below. 

Via 3D Printshow Global Awards

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