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Design of the Week: Clay Sculpture

clay sculpture.jpg

This week’s selection is the anonymous “clay sculpture” found in the 123D Gallery. 

We say anonymous because we don’t actually know who made this particular work. It’s originally made as a real clay sculpture, as in “made with actual clay”, but through the magic of Autodesk’s 123D Catch 3D scanning app, it’s been converted into a 3D model by 123D user Artist_20855957. It’s not clear whether Artist_20855957 is the clay sculptor as well as the scanner. 

Nevetheless, it’s a wonderful piece. We were able to download the 3D scan, which is quite rough, and clean it up. It required a lot of trimming of extraneous bits from the scanning scene and some hole-filling and bottom-flattening, but when finished, we managed to produce a very printable 3D model, as you can see in this image. 

Clay sculpture printed.jpg

We like the work very much - it is an abstract view of the human form, showing stress, anger and strength. While its provenance is not solely digital, it demonstrates there is more than one way to create a beautiful and printable 3D model. 

Via 123D Gallery

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