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Hyve-3D’s Unique Interface

A new method of 3D sketching has been developed: Hyve-3D. 

We’re always interested to understand new methods of developing 3D models. This one, Hyve-3D, uses a life-size interface to portray the 3D sketch being created. In the image above you can get a sense for the size of the view. 

The other interesting aspect of the interface is the tablets being held by the designers. By the way, multiple sketchers can work on the same project at the same time. The tablets obviously display a 2D view, but they are mapped to the 3D sketch by orienting a plane on which the 2D tablet sketch is transferred. By twisting the orientation, one can enable the production of various 3D shapes. 

At this point the system is merely a demonstration that was shown at the SIGGRAPH 2014 Conference at Vancouver recently. Also it likely has no 3D printing features - yet. But the addition of such features shouldn’t be a big deal if the system continues. 

Will this approach work? We’re not sure, but it is certain that explorations such as this will help find better methods of performing 3D design. 

Via Hyve-3D

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