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LulzBot Sneaks out a 3D Printer Kit


Bucking the recent industry trend of shipping only assembled 3D printers, TAZ 4 manufacturer LulzBot announced a 3D printer kit. 

The KITTAZ is based on their successful TAZ 4 design, although there are a couple of differences. An upgrade is required for the LCD screen and dual extruder attachment. Oh, and it’s NOT ASSEMBLED. 

This makes sense; with fewer kits available from the major manufacturers, LulzBot may be filling a void. Also, since KITTAZ is based on their assembled TAZ 4 it is easy for them to provide the kit: simply don’t assemble as many TAZ 4’s! Of course, they’ll have to provide instructions and support for kit makers, but that’s certainly doable. 

The KITTAZ is available today at a price of USD$1,595, which is quite a deal when compared to its sibling the TAZ 4, which retails for USD$2,195. It’s a saving of USD$600. If you’re up to building the machine yourself, you can buy a lot of plastic for that amount. 

However, we suspect LulzBot may be targeting the KITTAZ at groups that wish to assemble the machine themselves, specifically educational markets. Those markets also like saving cash, so it seems appropriate. 

Via LulzBot

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