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The Candy 3D Printer Launches This Week

3Dventures Candy.jpg

We’re looking at the pre-launch information for a new chocolate 3D printer, the Candy. 

Since the Candy’s campaign officially launches on Wednesday, there isn’t a lot of information available today. But we can infer a few things about the new product from London-based 3Dventures. 

The sleek, open case no doubt holds a syringe-based extruder. It’s not clear what powers the syringe, but perhaps there’s a motor applying pressure. Previous syringe printers often required compressed air, but that’s probably not the case here. 

3DVentures candy printing.jpg

The syringe approach is interesting because with it you can print not only chocolate, but also any similar pasty substance - and that includes food products, since the Candy is designed to be foodsafe. 

The launch campaign is set to offer the Candy for the relatively low price of USD$499, but the MSRP on this unit is USD$599, so there’s some savings if you buy early. The Candy is equipped with an SD card containing a number of “preset designs” so it can be used immediately. 

We’re very curious about this machine. Some of our questions include:

Specifications. How accurate is it? How large can prints be? Is there a limit to height, as we’ve seen in previous chocolate machines

Software. Will there be specialized software that accounts for the design requirements for chocolate printing? 

Reliability: How well will the Candy hold up? Will there be a warranty or maintenance program? 

Materials: Can any materials be used in the Candy? Or are factory-made cartridges required? What volume of materials can be printed in one operation?

Interest: Will people like this machine? Previous attempts at food printers have not been particularly successful, so what’s changed?

Via 3Dventures

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