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Verbatim Makes 3D Printer Filament?

Who knew? The venerable analog media giant now markets their own 3D printer filament. 

Verbatim is a Japanese company from the 1970’s, when they marketed blank “tape” media for the equipment of the day. Today they’ve long switched to alternate media such as flash storage. And now, apparently, 3D printer media. 

The plastic is manufactured by Verbatim itself in Japanese factories and initially marketed in Europe. We suspect they’re testing the market for eventual worldwide distribution. That’s what companies as large as Verbatim do. 

Plastic will be sold on 1kg spools and offered in either ABS or PLA plastic, with both 1.75 and 3.00mm diameters available. Verbatim has even gone to the trouble of certifying the filament on fourteen different 3D printers. However, there’s no word on pricing as it appears they’ll be distributing the products through local resellers. 

Let us know how you like it. 

Via Verbatim and Verbatim

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