YouMagine Takes On a Big Challenge

The folks at YouMagine, Ultimaker’s online repository of downloadable 3D objects, have begun development of a new open source license for 3D printed items. They need your help.

It’s a very challenging area, as existing open source licenses really don’t cut it when applied to physical things. Whereas an existing open source license might have been designed around the concept of a digital song, for example, it doesn’t make as much sense when applied to a world where physical objects are produced from digital files and combined with other physical items (printed or not) to create useful compound objects. 

It’s also a dangerous area. As the interest in 3D printing rises, so does the amount of startup companies attempting to leverage it in unique ways. However, any one of those startups could be pulverized instantly by lawsuits based on out-of-date licensing. Legal issues are and will increasingly become troublesome for 3D printing ventures. 

YouMagine hopes to change that scene by developing a new open source license that’s designed to head off at least some of these and other issues. They’ve begun by listing an extensive series of goals that the license should address. 

But they’re not certain these are correct or complete. That’s where you come in. They’re hoping to generate a serious conversation on the matter and gather additional requirements that can be melded into a solid open source license that can be used by anyone in the 3D print space. If you’d like to participate, hit the link below. 

Via YouMagine

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