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An Unreleased LulzBot 3D Printer?

We’re checking out an opensource design for an apparently unreleased 3D printer from LulzBot: the Begonia.

This is definitely not a 3D printer you can purchase; it’s actually a set of specifications, drawings and other digital artifacts with which you might attempt to build your own Begonia.

This is definitely not something you’d want to attempt unless you’re experienced in building electronics and mechanical projects. 

We don’t have specs for the Begonia, but such things would be quickly discovered by those who want to try out building one. The documentation includes STL files of parts and precisely measured drawings (like those above) from which one could manufacture a Begonia, if you had the right kind of manufacturing equipment handy. 

From the documentation it might appear that the Begonia is a variant of a “TAZ Mini” that has not been released. We don’t know if it ever will be released, or whether the Begonia is simply an open source experiment. 

LulzBot is well known as being a strong supporter of open source projects, and they’re clearly demonstrating it here. Their development site provides the details on the Begonia and a few other interesting things, too. 

Via LulzBot

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