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Fraemes App Expands MakerBot’s Ecosystem

MakerBot announced a new app for their 3D content generation family: Fraemes. 

No, we are spelling it correctly. “Fraemes” is an app that creates “beautifully designed, 3D printable iPhone cases.” This is indeed something many of us could definitely use. 

Fraemes offers almost 200 different starter designs for your iPhone case; there is certainly something there you will like, perhaps many. You can test your design’s look by trying a few different colors. Of course, when you print the Fraeme, you’d better have a spool of the correct color handy. 

Each case can be further customized by adding a text message. You can select from several different fonts and shapes, as well as sizing and rotating the message. 

But wait - the output is not quite a complete case. You’re required to purchase a “Bumper” that fits around the outside of your device. The printed part that you’ve selected is slotted into the edge of the bumper as shown in the image above. Bumpers cost USD$12 each, but if you have one, you can design, print and insert any number of different Fraemes into it. Buying the generated Fraeme insert will set you back USD$1. It’s more than free, but still inexpensive, especially considering the vast amount of customized cases you can make. 

Via MakerBot and Fraemes

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