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Please Visit Us at the 3D Printshow in London

Later this week is London’s annual 3D Printshow, expected to be even more massive than last year. We’ll be there, but what about you?

This year we will be very easy to find; we’ll be operating the Knowledge Bar, either answering your 3D printing questions or being stumped by them. In any case, please drop by and say hello if you’re in attendance. We love to meet our readers. 

We’re particularly interested in meeting people with new, unique 3D printing projects. If you have something you’d like to show us, please let us know in person or by email We are able to visit your location after show hours if it’s too big to bring to the show; just let us know and we will try to visit. 

If you haven’t got them already, get your tickets for the event at the link below. 

Via 3D Printshow

Desirable Facial Prosthetics

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