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Design of the Week: Crybaby Shoes

crybaby shoe.jpg

This week’s selection is “Crybaby” 3D printed shoes by artist Sebastian Errazuriz. 

The 3D printed shoe is a startling departure from traditional shoe design. When viewed it almost seems in motion as you imagine the foot pounding down, causing the walls of the shoe to rise is a splashy motion. White is the only possible color for this design. 

Crybaby is one of twelve different shoe designs made for his “12 Shoes for 12 Lovers” exhibition. Each shoe’s design was inspired by his varying relationships with twelve different lovers. A story is written by Errazuriz to describe the nature of the relationship and provide background flavor for viewing the design. Crybaby was inspired by “Alexandra” (name changed to protect the innocent”. The Alexandra story says: 

She cried sad about breaking up. I hugged her, told her it would be OK, feeling weird about being in bed with a girl crying for another guy. In the dark Alexandra continued to sob and text her ex for the rest of the night.

Each design is spectacular and we could have selected any of the twelve as Design of the Week. This means you must check them all out for yourself at the link below. But a warning: you may not agree with his approach to relationships and some of the descriptions may not be safe for viewing at work. 

Via 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers

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