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Becoming3D Launches 3D Print Solutions

We’re checking out a new 3D print vendor, Becoming3D, who markets a variety of 3D printers, supplies and services. 

The firm is a reseller of several brands of 3D printing gear, including MakerBot, EnvisionTec and 3D Systems. This is a curious mix of personal and industrial gear, with price ranges between a few thousand USD and, well, an awful lot more. (That’s “call for pricing”-level pricing!) We don’t often see resellers provide this type of mix. Most will focus on a particular market and ignore the others. That’s not the case here. 

Also interesting is their ability to provide leasing solutions for the more expensive industrial gear that would otherwise set you back many tens of thousands of USD. 

The company is one of many startups seeking ways to capitalize on the boom in 3D printing by providing a variety of related products and services. The key to success for Becoming3D and any similar operation is less in the specific equipment being offered and more in the quality, responsiveness and cost of service. They’ll need to build strong relationships with clients.

That’s the battle being undertaken by 3D printing resellers these days. 

Via Becoming3D

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