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3D Systems’ 1H14 Financial Results

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3D printing titan 3D Systems announced their first half of 2014 financial results. Let’s dissect the numbers and see what we can find. 

3D Systems is one of the few publicly traded 3D printing companies, so it is always insightful to check out their stats, as they do reflect somewhat on the state of the industry as a whole.

The most dominant statistic from their report is a revenue increase. Their second quarter revenue rose from USD$120.8M to USD$151.5M, some 25% growth. While other 3D printing companies may see that as quite small compared to their doubling or tripling of revenue - there’s a massive difference here. When you’re as large as 3D Systems is, you simply cannot double or triple your income. A growth of 25% year over year is quite healthy. To put it another way, their increase of USD$30.7M in revenue over the quarter is far more than almost every other 3D printing companies  can boast for annual revenue.

Some of this revenue increase can be accounted for through the absorption of several companies acquired by 3D Systems throughout the year, however. 

They’re also stating a 126% increase in units sold. While the units are not broken down, we suspect there could be a substantial portion of consumer units included in that number. 

One other statistic worth mentioning: the company says it holds USD$570M in cash on hand. You know what you do with cash on hand? You buy more companies! Expect additional acquisitions in coming months. 

Via 3D Systems

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