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BEEVERYCREATIVE announced a new add-on to their BEETHEFIRST personal 3D printer: BEECONNECT.

The new add-on enables the ability to remotely control your BEETHEFIRST personal 3D printer via Internet. It’s a separate control box that attaches to the printer with a USB cable, and directly controls the printer. The box, of course, connects to the Internet with WiFi, from which you can access the printer if your networking permissions and firewalls permit pass through. 

The company is deploying the technology in phases. The first phase involves - YOU! They’ve made available the plans and software to implement BEECONNECT, so you can transform a raw Raspberry Pi computer into a BEECONNECT box. Subsequently they’ll offer a kit including all required parts and finally they’ll sell assembled versions. 

There’s no word on pricing, but if you happen to have a BEETHEFIRST, you might want to look into this option. 


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