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Design of the Week: Cash

This week’s selection is “Cash” by Scott Franks.

It’s a curious work based on the famous country and western singer Johnny Cash. The print takes his words, “Because you’re mine, walk the line - Johnny Cash” and flows them along a curve. 

It’s certainly not a complex design; almost anyone with a 3D modeling tool could design something similar in minutes. But we think this is a novel approach for a new class of popular 3D prints. Imagine printing out long messages for your loved ones - or even for your enemies. 

This is the service that Scott Franks provides through his bespoke 3D printing service. You can send in a sentence, lyrics or message and he will transform it into a sculpture as the Johnny Cash version above. Not only can you receive a 3D print, but you can also receive photo realistic visualizations of the work. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. In this case, a 3D print is worth at least several words. 

Via Scott Franks Designs

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