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It’s Time for Local 3D Printer Materials

An Irish company hopes to overcome the bane of 3D printer material purchasing: Shipping Costs. 

The new company is, who are based in Dublin. They say: 

We were tired of paying a small fortune in shipping to buy poor quality 3D filament and then having to wait weeks for the spools to arrive. sells high quality 3D filaments via an Post at a very competitive price. Most national orders will arrive at your door within 3 working days.

While their service is clearly Ireland, the problem exists in many domains. It’s all about shipping. Shipping costs a lot for small packages, and more for items that weigh a lot - like kilograms of plastic, for instance. Certainly there are delays when shipping that may be measured in weeks, but the worst effect in our experience is customs and duties. Your international packages may be tied up for days while you sort out routine clearances for ultimately no benefit to anyone. 

Whenever there is a highly-touted new filament, it’s often sourced from a far away place. And this problem happens. 

So the problem is addressed in Ireland, but what about other countries? Will we see filament shops pop up in every corner of the world? It could happen. 

Via ink3D

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