Reusable HDPE Material Introduced by Diamond Plastics

Germany’s Diamond Plastics GmbH, has introduced a new, reusable plastic powder of laser sintering.

Named HDPE HX 17, the material is can be processed by nearly all laser sintering systems, and is cheaper than other materials in its class. Moreover, HX 17 has the added benefit of being reusable allowing for significant savings when it comes to handling.

While HDPE HX 17 only comes in a single color, dark grey, its smooth surface finish allows for post-process painting making it ideal for industrial designers looking to make realistic product demos or vacuum form master castings.

In addition to those properties HX 17 can be lased in 100 micrometer thick layers and is resistant to acid, alcohol, oil and gasoline. Diamond Plastics also says their material can be welded and cross-linked with other materials as well.


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