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Uformia’s Dynamic Corset

Uformia’s shape-changing 3D service has a new capability: body matching.

Refresh: Uformia’s amazing software provides an ability to create a 3D model that can easily be re-formed into new shapes. It’s like adding control knobs to a static 3D model that permit it to change form on your demand to meet specific requirements. The example we like to cite is this: how many 3D models of screws do you need? The answer is only one! If such a model had enough controls, you could generate any type of screw required. 

So what’s new with Uformia? Evidently they’ve been working on a way to use scanned shapes to become shape controllers. Their first attempt at this was to adapt a mask 3D model to fit a face by matching its shape to a 3D scan of a face. 

While face masks are interesting, there are far more useful applications of such technology. We saw a generated corset, used to help correct spinal defects. Based on a body (specifically torso) scan, the two-piece corset can be worn by a person afflicted with the syndrome. 

But here’s the thing: the corset is not only functional, but attractive. It enables the wearer to enhance their appearance, something quite valuable for those struggling with spinal problems. 

What other personal items could make use of this approach? A great many, we think. 

Via Uformia

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