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Ultimaker’s CREATE Education Program

Ultimaker’s UK branch, Ultimaker GB, has launched a program to bring 3D printing to schools. 

Specifically, the venture proposes to make 3D printing “affordable and accessible” to British and Irish schools. It’s not simply dropping some 3D printers on schools; it’s a curriculum of topics that include 3D design. Simple tools can, for example, assist the students in designing a molecule to 3D print in their chemistry class, for example. 

We listened to a talk by Ultimaker GB’s Director Paul Croft, who explained the effects of the program. Evidently the magic of 3D printing tends to attract previously uninspired students to become active. “Dull” teaching methods are hard-pressed to compete with all the exciting off-school offerings available to students, particularly teenagers. The attraction of 3D printing becomes a catalyst for igniting the curiosity of students. 

We think programs such as this are critically important in a world where things constantly change; students must learn the ability to engage in and appreciate science. 

They’ll need it throughout their lives. 

Via CREATE Education

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