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A Manufacturer’s Machine: The Hage 3Dp-A2 3D Printer

We’re checking out the made-in-Austria Hage 3DP-A2, marketed by Prirevo. 

This machine is a little different from your typical personal 3D printer. It has quite a large print volume, 620 x 400 x 290mm for starters, with a layer size of as small as 0.05mm. The print volume is entirely enclosed, providing a reasonably consistent heating environment during print operations. The machine is fully capable of printing ABS filament with its heated build surface. The enclosure should significantly reduce warping and operational noise. 

The build volume is so large it has double-doors!

The fully assembled machine is manufactured in Austria by Hage, a large manufacturer of automated manufacturing equipment, including wood cutting & trimming systems, multiple-axis sawing machines, steel processors, drilling equipment and much more. They know how to make making machines. 

But this leads to another thought: there are many companies across the world that produce manufacturing equipment. We see here one of them experimenting with a 3D printer product that, more or less, is similar to many others. What happens if more manufacturers do the same experiment? How many machines will flood the already crowded personal 3D printer market? How will these machines differentiate themselves? 

We’re not sure that’s possible at this stage, unless they come up with an entirely new 3D printing process. 

Via Prirevo (German)

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