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The History of 3D Printing

There’s a lot more to 3D printing than the current craze of personal 3D machines. 

Brian Heater writes a long tale of the beginnings of 3D printing, from catastrophic kitchen experiments three decades ago, leading to the dynamic, near-consumer 3D printers of today. 

The story began with the curiosity of two engineers, Chuck Hull (left) and Scott Crump (right), from whose perseverance  and creativity emerged the two major processes driving 3D printing today: optically-fused resin (SLA) and plastic filament extrusion (FDM or FFF). 

These ideas eventually transformed into 3D Systems and Stratasys, by far the two largest companies in the space. 

If you do not know the story of how 3D printing emerged, you’d best read this excellent piece. 

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