The Striking D3D.ONE-EVO 3D Printer

Dynamo3D has incorporated a unique feature in their latest personal 3D printer, the D3D.ONE-EVO: Customized cases. 

But first let’s take a look at the printer underneath the case. 

The D3D.ONE-EVO’s specifications include typical features found in a more advanced personal 3D printer, including:

  • Generous build volume of 240 x 240 x 250mm
  • Heated print surface
  • Good print speeds, up to  400mm/s
  • Ability to print Nylon, Carbon and other unusual hi-temp materials
  • Excellent layer resolution of 0.02mm
  • Interior LED lighting
  • LCD control panel
  • One year warranty

That’s a pretty decent machine. But the most interesting feature for us is the case. No, this machine doesn’t come in Black, White or Red. Instead the case choices are pretty amazing:

  • WhiteOrange
  • MultiDrops
  • Caleido
  • GreenHexagon
  • WhiteGreen
  • Multiforms 
  • JapanGfx

We’ve seen these graphics and they are spectacular, making the D3D.ONE-EVO visually different from not only other personal 3D printers, but from any other appliances you might have. It’s a great idea to make the machine a bit more “personal” and address the consumer market. 

The machine is currently on pre-sale until the end of October at a price of €1,900 (USD$2,400) plus a bit more depending on your shipping destination.

Via Dynamo3D

General Fabb

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