The MM1 3D Printing System

We’re looking today at a new offering from Mexico-based MakerMex, the MM1 3D Printing System.

The MM1 is one of several new market entrants that offer an interchangeable head system. This particular machine current offers four possible extrusion systems: 

  • Single extruder for “typical” 3D printing materials such as ABS, PLA, Wood filament and more
  • Dual extruder provides a second material as above
  • Paste extruder can extrude any squishy substance, such as chocolate, ceramics, etc.
  • High temperature extruder for extruding nylon, polycarbonate and more

All of these require 3mm filament, which is commonly available. (Well, not the pastes, obviously.)

MakerMex states the MM1 can lay down material with a fine resolution of 0.02mm in their build volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm. The machine also includes a heated and auto leveling print bed. All this for a pretty reasonable USD$999, at least for the early backers of their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which is set to launch on October 2d.  

The big deal with this machine is its ability to swap extruders. MakerMex says: 

We believe there the MakerMex MM1 platform will solve the problem that arises from when you finally get the latest technology, only for it to be outdated soon after because of the next “big thing.” The MM1 is designed to be versatile enough that it is potentially compatible with technologies that haven’t even been fully developed yet.

We’re all for flexibility, since the world changes so much. 

Via MakerMex

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