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Design of the Week: Fractal Forms

This week’s selection is a series of fractal forms by digital sculptor Michael Winstone. 

The work visually appears to be an organic shape, specifically a tree branch, but is apparently generated digitally. The sample illustrated above is but one of several of his works that have been 3D printed in high-resolution resin. He says: 

These simple fractal forms are repeated to create complex structures that have self-similarity in texture and shape. GPS coordinates, place and title each work of art.
michael winstone 30.jpg

Each work’s title is a combination of latitude & longitude with the location, an example being “51,5.4728N 0,1.9137E, Forest Row”

We spoke with Winstone, who pointed out the rather detailed and realistic surface texture on the 3D print. Evidently this texture is derived from actual tree rubbings. The captured rubbings are obviously 2D, but he then transforms them into 3D for surface textures. 

Via Michael Winstone

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