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Design of the Week: Piece of Ocean

This week’s selection is the spectacular Piece of Ocean by digital sculptor Eyal Gever. 

The work was displayed prominently at EuroMold by Stratasys, who were attempting to show the capabilities of their Connex equipment. On this piece, they certainly did. 

To the eye, the work appears to literally be a piece of ocean, a rectangle of 996 x 796mm with stormy waves on top. 

The work is made only with a single material, Stratasys’ VeroClear resin, even though the curves of its shape cause nearby lights to be amplified in ways intricate. 

Produced on Stratasys’ Objet 1000 3D printer, the Piece of Ocean almost hits the maximum dimension on the printer: 1000mm, coming short by only 4mm. We suspect the 4mm is the required minimum for the Connex support material that surrounds the print. This is a large and no doubt very expensive 3D print, likely costing tens of thousands of dollars in material alone.

Although Piece of Ocean is a static object, it just doesn’t look like one. Your eye captures the waves, seeking to determine the flow and structure of the wave patterns. It’s almost like watching a campfire, but in a more calm, clear manner. 

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