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Design of the Week: Smoke Dress

This week’s selection is Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht’s Smoke Dress. 

This is a highly complex piece of wearable fashion, 3D printed using Materialise’s 3D printing services. 

Although you cannot see it active in our images, the dress is actually an interactive item. Sensors detect the nearby presence of others and cause smoke emissions. 

The dress itself is reminiscent of smoke, with its wavy patterns and puffy segments. 

How can the dress fit properly? In this case, a live model was 3D scanned. The 3D scan was then used to “fit” the fashion sculpture itself, which was designed by Wipprecht in Maya. 

The smoke emitter and associated electronics are held in a specially designed backpack compartment, whose design matches the rest of the dress perfectly. 

The Smoke Dress is not a new item, as it was built in 2013. However, it’s unique design continues to demonstrate that there are few limits to design when using 3D printing. 

Via Materialise

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