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Everyone Needs an Ancestro3D

Mexico-based Ideaz 3D is attempting to develop a very unique 3D print application, Ancestro3D.

The best 3D printing applications are those that produce something very personal. It could be your name, face or body. It could be an article of clothing that fits you perfectly. Or a body part such as a missing limb or even teeth. 

But Ideaz 3D’s concept is to 3D print your ancestry. 

Really, it’s just a simple bracelet generator, but the interesting part is the customizations that can be selected. 

In this first iteration of Ancestro3D, the customizations are symbols associated with various common ancestries. You select a family of customizations: Mayan, Aztec or Yaqui and are presented with, for example, a set of Mayan icons. 

The icons can be dragged onto the bracelet’s surface to gradually form a custom-designed ancestral fashion piece. 

But it’s from YOUR ancestry. That’s the personalization. 

One can easily imagine this concept expanding to literally all the civilizations of the world. Everyone has an ancestry and many people would be proud to show off their heritage by downloading and printing the generated 3D model. It's a brilliant idea. 

At this point, Ancestro3D is not yet released as development has not been completed. In fact, Ideaz 3D is seeking partners to assist raising the remaining USD$12,500 required to complete the build. When complete, the application will be freely released for all to enjoy. 

Via Ideaz 3D

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