3D Systems Updates Their 3D Photo Booth

3D Systems first demonstrated a 3D photo booth in January 2014. Now it looks very different. 

The premise of 3D Systems’ “3DMe” Photobooth is a kiosk-like service that could be used at malls, events or studios. The machine is equipped with software to not only capture a 3D facial image, but also to apply that captured image to a wide selection of 3D figurines. The resulting 3D model is then sent to 3D Systems’ vast print service for physical production. 

The initial version of 3DMe Photobooth was quite different. As you can see here, it involved the subject sitting within a small chamber where lights and cameras captured the 3D image. 

The new version, shown above, is a tall kiosk, where the subject simply stands instead of sitting. This is not simply to reduce the floor space occupied by the machine; it now can complete the capture within 15 seconds. Self guided software enables anyone to easily use the machine to order a customized 3D printed figurine. 

We believe 3D Systems is attempting to develop a new market for consumer-oriented 3D printing technology, in this case one that does not involve owning 3D printing equipment. They’ve already got huge 3D print service factories, but they’ve largely been used for industrial use. Now they can push more load on them from consumers. 

Via 3D Systems

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