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The Destiny Object STL Generator

A “hobby project” provides downloads of items based on Bungie’s Destiny game. 

The service is easy to use. A popup menu provides a list of Destiny items to choose from. A “generate” button apparently creates the file and presents a download link. It’s a bit hard to understand what exactly is being generated as there are no other parameters and thus the files presented are likely identical. 

Available from the popup menu are such items as gauntlets, weapons, armor, helmets, ships and much more. In fact, there are, by our laborious count, 1,646 items. If you want it, it’s probably in there somewhere. Fortunately, there’s a search mechanism. 

The service works well, as you can see with the pulse rifle shown above. These non-textured 3D models will no doubt have to be inspected for suitability for 3D printing, but otherwise they appear to be functional. Certainly they’ll have to be printed with support structures. 

Creator Brent Peterson makes it quite clear that his project is “not associated with Bungie” and that the 3D models are property of Bungie. We’re not entirely convinced the project has permission to use the 3D models in this way, whether they are actual Bungie models or were replicated. But for now, at least, they are there for you to use. 

Via Destiny STL Generator

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