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The MICRON3D Is Not Your Average 3D Scanner

SMARTTECH’S latest 3D scanner MICRON3D is making waves in the scanning industry.

With a myriad of new features and never before seen capabilities, the MICRON3D brings new meaning to the term ‘3D scanner’.

The innovative design of the MICRON3D is the result of over two years of research & development including a questionnaire answered by 200 previous SMARTTECH customers. When the scanner debuted in Warsaw Poland at the “3D show” on November 21st 2014, we received our first look at the new tech. The company claims they’ve included brand new technology in the scanner by utilizing narrow-band green structural light for the first time. 

In addition, both internal and external parts are made out of carbon fiber. “By changing the production material to carbon fiber, we minimized the temperature influence on the scanners accuracy,” explains Darek Jasinski, SMARTTECH’s Product Manager. Giving the device the ability to scan down to a 10 micron accuracy or over 1,000 points on one square millimeter! 

The scanner also includes an internal shock absorbing system made out of small plates to absorb micro vibrations, thus limiting damage potential when transporting. A white structural light allows for true-color scans in dim conditions, while the green light unlocks 30% more accuracy, producing over 2,500 lumen’s allowing scans in some of the brightest conditions.

There is also a spectral filter that minimizes the impact of external illumination and a changeable dust filter. If this thing had any more features, I’d be writing about how to stop it from taking over the world rather than how cool it is. Obviously this isn’t your average 3D scanner. SMARTTECH built the MICRON3D from the ground up by professionals, for professionals.


Fabbaloo correspondent & 3D Printing enthusiast Mike Difronzo - Founder WiZE 3D

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