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Get Surprised With A Box Of 3D Prints From CubeForme

A new subscription service hopes to deliver a box of surprise 3D prints directly to you each month. 

CubeForme has a premise we haven’t seen before: offer an optional monthly subscription for a surprise set of 3D prints. Here’s how it is supposed to work:

  • Each month they feature a series of noted 3D designers. Your job is to examine their portfolios and determine if you like their work and back story. 
  • If you do, you can select a designer and pay the optional monthly subscription fee of USD$10
  • For that month, you’ll receive a box (as shown above) containing a surprise selection of prints from that designer. 

Why would designers participate? They get a cut of the action: 

CubeForme's designer-centered approach isn't simply for its customers, it's to help support 3D designers. In addition to providing publicity and a connection to consumers, CubeForme gives its featured designers 10% commission per order. 

CubeForme will 3D print the box content themselves, using their own 3D printer: 

Although the Rostock MAX V2 is one of the faster 3D printers in the market, it still takes roughly a day to print all of the goods of one monthly CubeForme box, with consideration to mishaps.
As soon as possible, the CubeForme team will invest in purchasing more 3D printers so we can finish more boxes daily. Our printers will be running throughout the Kickstarter campaign, and our goal is to send out all orders (as well as rewards) by the end of October.

It remains to be seen if this is a viable business model, but we do support the intent: providing designers with another outlet for their works. 

Via Kickstarter and CubeForme

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