3DKitbash’s Fascinating Test Kits

3DKitbash is a 3D model community dedicated to printable models, but their inventory includes some interesting twists. 

There are a ton of 3D model repositories out there, and it’s quite difficult for new ones to gain attention. You have to do something different than can be found in the major repositories, and 3DKitbash focuses on two specialties: printable toys and 3D printer test kits. 

We’re quite interested in the test kits, which are collections of unusual models specifically designed to put your 3D printer through torture tests. By observing the printed results, you could discover issues in either your 3D printer hardware or perhaps the parameters you specified for a specific print. 

It’s important to do tests like these because that’s how you can get the most from your 3D printer: discovering errors and adapting to them. By printing a wide variety of test shapes and geometries, you may begin to be recognize particular geometries and be able to select the optimum printing parameters for the job. 

3DKitbash offers a number of different test kits that include a number of unique pieces suitable for testing your printer. The GRAPHICA, for example:

…includes twelve 3D printer test chips with playful designs, eleven of which feature “print-in-place” moving elements that print in one piece and function straight from the printer bed.

The “3D Printer Test Kit”, shown here, includes eight very challenging “chips” that can be quickly printed to help tune your machine. Both this kit and the GRAPHICA are priced at USD$25 each. 

Beyond test kits, 3DKitbash also provides a number of toy model kits, with new ones arriving from time to time. Currently, they’re launching a new series of “Monster” prints on Kickstarter, shown at top. These monsters are well-defined characters, complete with detailed backstories that go along with the 3D model kits to make them. 

Via 3DKitbash and Kickstarter

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