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A 3D Model Sharing Site With An Electrical Connection

glow in the dark cube light project.jpg

We’re checking out Sharestation 3D, a site dedicated to 3D printed electronics projects. 

This might sound a little specialized, because it is. The DIY projects portrayed at Sharestation 3D all involve electronics or electrical features in some way, and of course, 3D printing. 

One example is the “Glow in the Dark LED Cube Light” (seen at top), which is a project to disassemble a common LED bulb and repurpose it as a type of nightlight. The “cube” portion of the assembly is 3D printed in glow-in-the-dark filament. While the cube is plugged in, the LEDs charge up the glow filament, so that when it’s turned off, the (presumably) child will have a soft glow for a while before complete darkness. It’s like a light that slowly turns off. The entry at Sharestation takes you through all the steps required to get this project completed successfully. Great idea, and a good DIY project. And a typical one for this site. There are many more. 

One interesting twist caught our eye. At the bottom of the Sharestation 3D page, we saw this:

©2015 Graphene 3D Lab Inc.

Wait, who are they? It turns out that according to Stockhouse: 

Graphene 3D Lab Inc is engaged in the development and manufacturing of graphene-enhanced materials for 3D printing, with proprietary technologies for enhancing the properties of materials currently used in 3D printers.

Aha! Now this makes sense. The parent company is in the business of making electrically conductive 3D print material. What better way to promote their product than to create a site and fill it with electronics & 3D print projects that just might require use of the new material. 

Via Sharestation 3DStockhouse and Graphene 3D Lab

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