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Want To Buy A 3D Printing Business?

brain print overview.jpg

It seems almost everyone wants to get in on the explosion of activity happening in the 3D printing universe, but what better way than to purchase an already-operating business? 

That’s the theory, anyway, according to New Zealand-based Brainform 3D, which is now for sale. What do they do? The company uses MRI DICOM 3D scan data to 3D print anatomically correct - and personalized - human brains. 

While you might print a brain in life size form in the manner shown at top, there are plenty of other ways to print a brain shape, such as these metal earrings. 

brain print earrings.jpg

Once you have the 3D model of the brain, there are few limits to what you can do with it. The brain can be mixed with other 3D elements to create unusual and highly personalized items. 

brain print earring.jpg

But why is this business for sale? According to the sales posting: 

The business is currently trading however is not being actively promoted. Passive sales are still attracted via website and third party websites. Promotion in the past has yielded positive results however current owner does not have the time to develop the business further.

It seems that it’s a matter of priorities. It’s likely this is a part-time business that requires more attention to grow, and the current owner is unable to devote that much time to the project. Will Brown of Brainform explained that they “are looking to sell the business to somebody who can take it to the next level.”

The business has been operating for some time. We wrote of them about a year ago, explaining how their system works. 

Buying Brainform 3D would not only gain you control of the site and online presence, but also training to get you started operating the business. 

The asking price for the entire business is quite affordable, too: NZ$9,500 (USD$6,400). 

We do caution prospective buyers, however. Please do appropriate due diligence on the operation before committing to the purchase. You should examine sales, operations and technology to ensure they are indeed representative of a feasible business. 

We believe that with the right level of promotion and networking, this business could succeed. Would you be interested in buying a 3D printing business? 

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