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The Large and Affordable Eleven 3D Printer

Build size is a factor important to many seeking a 3D printer, and the Eleven 3D printer may be the solution. 

The Eleven is produced by Canadian company ISG3D, based in Quebec. The company sells parts and supplies, but now also an interesting 3D printer option. 

Currently in pre-sale mode on Kickstarter, the Eleven’s most notable feature is the build volume: 220 x 400 x 400mm. This volume is significantly larger than most other 3D printing options, and particularly interesting because of the machine’s price: only CAD$1,149 (USD$850) for a fully-assembled version. 

3D printers with comparable volume are few in number and priced quite a bit higher. 

Design inspired by RepRap. the Eleven includes a number of features that seem well-suited to the objective of large prints. A heated print surface, for example, will hold tight models during long print sessions required for large volumes. 

The Eleven can print layers as small as 0.1mm, the defacto standard of desktop 3D printers these days. There are plenty of machines that can print at finer resolutions, but we think that’s far less important when you’re printing huge objects. In fact, the detail would likely be lost on such big items - and just take a lot longer to print. 

For fun, the machine includes an “impressive” set of LED lights that can be programmed in different sequences and colors. 

We always caution readers when examining a startup company offering a new product, as there have been multiple Kickstarter disasters where companies were unable to provide the products to purchasers. Will this be the case with ISG3D? We can’t tell, but we can say that the company has recognized this challenge and offers two mitigation strategies: 

First they have developed an online forum for owners to share ideas, tips and issues and interact with the company, no doubt. 

Secondly, the machine is largely made from the RepRap Prusa design, for which there is plenty of help available from online sources. 

The company also intends on building new models in their product line in the future, should this first machine succeed. 

For those handy with electronics and mechanicals, or those requiring large prints, the Eleven might just be the machine for you. 

Via Kickstarter and ISG3D

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